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2 In 1 Hair Straightener Curler

2 In 1 Hair Straightener Curler

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✅Three-minute styling straight hair comb

✅6 major technologies to care for hair: 30S rapid heating, ptc ceramic heating, constant temperature hair care, anti-scalding design, temperature control, dual-use for straight hair

✅Dual-purpose hair straightening comb and electric splint can easily help you solve hair quality problems and improve hair gloss and suppleness

✅Adopt ptc heating technology, rapid heating, automatic constant temperature, reduce the hair damage caused by fluctuating cold and hot temperature

✅Makes shiny, vertical and straight hair, easy to style at home

✅The outer comb teeth adopt anti-scald heat insulation cover, the comb teeth are smooth to reduce the hair pulling, and the heat insulation protects the hands from being scalded.

✅There are only two steps for hair straightening: 1. Preheat first, and take a strand of hair with a straightening comb. 2. Slowly comb down the hair and repeat several times.

✅There are only three steps for curling: 1. Preheat the hair with a comb, and then insert the hair in. 2. Wrap the hair around the comb a few times, 3. Pull down with the comb



➡️Name: Hair Straightener Brush/Comb

➡️Rated voltage: 220 V

➡️Rated frequency: 50 Hz

➡️Rated power: 45 W

➡️Heating method: ptc heating

➡️Product size: 30mm*270mm


【Package Included】:

1*hair straighter


1*Comb 2*Hair clip

 Customer Reviews

QA 1, When ship out the parcel if i order today?

We have encough stock, can ship out in 12 hours, 4-7 days can get parcel.

2, How about the warranty?

Our company offer one year warranty(Non-human damaging). Please provide picture and video, we can refund to you

3. Can use on the wet hair?

Please use on dry hair or 75% dry.

4. The power plug can use?

This is International universal voltage, can be used in any country. Power Plug can be used directly in the Philippines.

5. Will it get stuck and damage the hair?

It comes with negative ions, the hair is very soft after use, and will not damage the hair.

6. Will it burn your hands when you use it?

The outer layer is insulated, not hot and safe.

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